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ZJ Manufacturing is a manufacturer and retailer of Archery Stabilizer weights


In archery, a stabilizer is a general term for various types of weights, usually on rods, mounted on the bow to increase stability i.e. lessen movement on release, thereby increasing precision.

Stabilizers help reduce inconsistencies of the archer’s release by increasing the moment of inertia of the bow. If the shooting technique of the archer were perfect, no stabilizers would be required.

Precision comes from repeatability. The reduction of inadvertent movements enhances repeatability. The various types of stabilizers are each designed to minimize a particular direction of movement. These movements are those that may occur between the instant of true aim/string release, and the arrow flying free: not “follow-through” and similar activities, which merely indicate what went before. All weight added to the center section will reduce trembling or shake during the aim, but energy to hold the bow against gravity will obviously increase. Also, the addition of weight will change the shooting characteristics and matching of the arrows to the bow. The successful addition of stabilizers can only be achieved by actual testing and precise groupings.

All bodies have inertia, and it is static inertia and non-static inertia that bow-weights use, which means that they resist movement. Consequently, on the application of any force on the bow, e.g. 1) muscular force, whether voluntary or involuntary: 2) the reaction of the bow to the acceleration of the bow limbs, string and arrow: 3) the further reaction of the bow as the string becomes taut and the arrow flies free: the actual physical movement of the bow center section will be less with the addition of weights than it would have been without. Clearly, the forces acting on the center section are potentially the same on any shot, and by increasing the static inertia, movement will be reduced.

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